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Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

If you’re wracking your brain over what to get for that crazy plant person in your life, fret not. In this list, we cover goodies that will surely delight any plant lover.

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Maybe your mom has taken up botany as a new-found hobby, or you’ve got a friend who’s hopped on the houseplant-hoarding bandwagon. Either way, odds are, you have at least one plant lover in your life. Buying a gift for a plant lover’s pretty easy right? Just get them another plant and you’re good to go - but sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Check out these wonderful gifts that we’ve handpicked for the plant lover in your life.

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We can all agree that plastic drainage pots aren't exactly the most visually appealing way to display your beautiful plants, and we've got the perfect solution to this. Beautiful and functional in equal measure, these handwoven baskets come with plastic linings and dual handles, so that you can safely hide your drainage pots away, while offering the convenience and ease of use that plant fanatics will surely appreciate.


Watering cans are a great gift for plant lovers. Made of 304 Stainless Steel, the sleek, thin nozzle of the Tip Watering Can makes it easy to direct water-flow to the very base of your plant (and not all over the floor).


Beautiful pots always make a great gift — especially when it’s designed with an integrated drip tray. The Tulipan Ceramic Pot is available in two sizes and four colors. Mix and match across sizes and colors for a striking contemporary look.


Simple and endlessly elegant, the Lager Ceramic Pot is designed with a seamlessly integrated drip tray that catches any excess water drained from the pot. An exquisite gift for plant owners with an eye for minimalist design.


Made from traditionally mouth-blown glass, the Helga Glass Vase perfectly displays your fresh-cut blooms or sculptural greens.

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