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Looks cute, love the color. Can't speak to the functionality of it but it came highly recommended. Excited to try it.

No flashlight needed

These lights do a great job of making it easy for me to walk safely through the house after dark without stepping on my cat! The light given off is quite bright but as I wear a sleep mask that doesn't pose any problem in my bedroom.

Lesley Surrett
Handy sensor light

We bought these for the top and bottom of our stairs to prevent a falling hazard for our son. They're perfect as our son can pick one up & use it as a little nightlight. Also love that a single charge seems to last forever. Very handy!

Debbie Collins
Very practical

These are very bright and allow us to move all around the house at night without turning on any lights. No more turning on the lights if you need to make a midnight bathroom trip or grab a quick drink of water. The sensor is very good at determining light levels and turning the light off and on when needed. We have the white ones installed on all our door frames and in the day they are quite discreet and stylish.